The SEEN Masterclass

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The person I loved most became a person who made me angrier and more annoyed than anyone else. He brought out every trigger, every past hurt, & I did the same for him. But, we loved each other like hell.  I got sick or treating my favorite person the worst, so I got to work, created the SEEN method, and we created the relationship beyond our dreams.

We still trigger each other and annoy each other and frustrate each other... but when we do, using this method to work it out draws us even closer to each other than we were before. We start to heal wounds in each other we didn't even create.

I now teach this method to my Couples Clients and have been so amazed by the transformations that I had to figure out a way to teach more people.  The Masterclass is the most effective way yet.

Create the relationship of your dreams in 30 days or less

My goal is for you to never need another course from me.

I don't want your relationship to feel like hard work and hiding.
I want you to gain so much trust in yourself and in your partnership that not only do these tools become second nature, but when you need new tools, you can create them together.

"I've done so many types of therapy and nothing has worked this quickly."

- Nichole E.

" You truly must be a wizard of some kind. Lol! You have been able to help me in ways that no one else has.

 After years of struggle, I feel like I am finally getting somewhere and becoming unstuck. I can’t tell you how invaluable that is.

Your methods really resonated and spoke to me. Your presence and authenticity gave me the comfort I needed to be vulnerable and honest with myself.

You are so easy to talk to, and I leave every session feeling completely filled with gratitude for you and your work. It is quite literally life-changing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Maddie F.

"I really love parts work and Morgan as a person. She provided what I was looking for but never found in traditional therapy, with joy and enthusiasm.

My awareness is not the problem. I just needed the right person with the right tools to help me distinguish and give each person the opportunity to speak. Morgan is that person."

- Émilie G.

Our session was really interesting and enlightening.

It was a relief to not just talk about the problems and go into my head and connect with the parts of myself that are solving, causing and trying to solve the problems.

I would highly recommend you give her a try.”

JP Taxman

What a refreshing mirror Morgan is. She asked such clear and poignant questions.

I felt held... which was exactly what I needed to be able to hear some parts that I had judgement on and really couldn't hear them at all. 

- Nadja M

- Ryan B.

"I really can't thank Morgan enough for doing this work with me!

In the after-glow of our session I feel much, much more connected to my core-self."